in a distant, post-apocalyptic, cyberpunk future, a mysterious street gang is decapitating the highly praised elite and righteous fighters, known as monks, in search of a special item. sunan, an ex-communicated monk, and nana, some random girl, search for answers in a confusing world........
this is a page for a comic im working on...idk how often i will update it bc i am so lazy...but plz check back for future updates!

genre: seinen, mystery, action, cyberpunk, drama, comedy, supernatural
warning: this story contains violence, nudity, gore, adult themes, etc.
04/29/2020 chapter 8 - boy who cried wolf
10/22/2019 omake 1 - lovers' lake
10/19/2019 chapter 7 - delightful twins from down the lane
09/08/2019 chapter 6 - enter: mysterious brat gill!
06/01/2019 chapter 5 - bosozuki
05/18/2019 chapter 4 - inaki and mal go to taco bell
05/12/2019 chapter 3 - panty run
05/06/2019 chapter 2 - the tarantino effect
04/25/2019 chapter 1 - satan tempting jesus in the desert
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